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House of Ruhr


German Dry Gin Infused with 12 Botanicals

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Renton is an honest and hearty classic dry gin, standing strong at 44.7% ABV. Its 12 botanicals include orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root, coriander, rose water and lemon balm to name a few – but the rest remain the distiller’s secret...

Expect an initial burst of citrus flavour from the orange and lemon peel, followed by a lovely warmth from the angelica root and finishing with a lasting fresh zesty taste.

We love to savour a measure of Renton over a big chunk of ice - this might be one for the whisky lover - but it tastes great in a classic G&T and a variety of cocktails, complex and simple.

Made In Germany

Every single bottle is handcrafted, labelled and signed by the master distillers at our distillery in the Ruhr Valley, Germany.

With over 130 years of distilling heritage, we have worked with our distillers to combine innovation with tradition that results in unique spirit blends exclusive to the House of Ruhr.

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Serving Suggestions

Our recommend serves for maximum enjoyment of this gin:
With its 44.7% ABV, the gin has a lovely warmth whilst being extremely smooth, making it the perfect gin to sip slowly over ice.
If you prefer a G&T, try this with a citrus tonic or the Merchants Heart pink peppercorn tonic to bring out the cubeb pepper - you can't go wrong with a good citrus slice to garnish.
We also love Renton in a Negroni, if cocktails are what you fancy!


It is 1945 in North Rhine-Westphalia, local infrastructure is all but destroyed. Commando Jim Renton stands tall overlooking the Ruhr Valley, revealing its scars from the battles it has witnessed. Facing a new challenge, he is to stay in the Ruhr Valley. Using his skills as a former mining deputy and with his strong military bearing it is he who is tasked with the rebuilding of it’s mining infrastructure as the area begins its recovery. Stand to attention for Jim Renton, our grandfather…

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