Welcome to the House of Ruhr

Welcome to the House of Ruhr

Hello and welcome to the House of Ruhr – we’re glad to have you here.

The House of Ruhr was born from passion and a deep appreciation for the beauty that is gin. We had an ambition that encouraged us to one day see our distillery’s products enjoyed worldwide, not just in Germany. It gives us great pleasure to announce that we’re already on our way to achieving this.

Following months of creation and experimentation, using the artisanal skills of 130 years of distilling heritage, we have been able to create gin that represents both tradition and innovation, without compromising on sensational taste.

We’ve been creating unique blends of gin since 1889, and it’ll be our pleasure to share with you exactly what makes us so different to other gin distilleries. Our product and our brand is bursting with engaging history and interesting facts, and we’ll tell you all about it one day.

Thank you for reading, and do keep coming back to this blog section to catch the latest stories and updates.

All the best,

Bryn & Richie.