The Story of Captain Renton

The Story of Captain Renton

After the second world war ended, peace resumed.

However, the infrastructure in Germany had been shattered.

Many towns and cities were in turmoil with many of the men-folk displaced across the different fronts or being held as prisoners of war.

As a result, the infrastructure of many towns and cities could be described at best, fragile.

Enter Captain James Ogilvie Renton, a British marine and former mining deputy originally from the North East. He was a no-nonsense kind of guy with a reputation amongst his military unit for efficiency and discipline.

He was put in charge of organising the rebuilding of an area within the Herne District. He oversaw the rebuilding of a large mine, factories and the safety at the many distilleries.

Captain Renton was in fact a great grandfather of Bryn, House of Ruhr's founder. His name is used with a poetic licence to tell the story retold to Bryn by residents of the Herne area of Germany.

Renton, our stronger-than-most German dry gin, bears the name of our grandfather and stands to attention, just as Captain Renton did, as a flavoursome gin with 12 complex botanicals at 44.7% ABV.

Find out more about Renton, the gin inspired by our family's spirited history, and pick up a bottle to taste it for yourself.